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  • June 2006
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God and Music

Posted by thesinger on June 11, 2006

Hey there, how's life? For me, life is good. The wheat harvest is almost done, I went to church this morning, I read some book this afternoon, and the singing this morning in church was food for my soul.

I'm very confident that every person has his/her own way they connect to God best. For some, a conversational prayer works best. Some see God best in the beautiful world he's given us. But for me, Music is one of the best ways that lets me connect to God. In music, I feel the wonder of love, the chirping of birds, and the excersize of faith. But most of all, in good music, I feel God. I feel his power, his majesty, his unfailing mercy, and the list continues…

May the God that made music, bless us so that all of us would experience Him better.



7 Responses to “God and Music”

  1. rowtifer said

    dude, whatsup kiddo? wheat harvest is almost done? did you get rach out there to help?

  2. thesinger said

    rach only came one evening and that was tonight. she was teaching VBS last week so she couldn’t come like she had wanted to. and yes, we hope to be done with harvest in several days. PTL!!!

  3. ida said

    hey sorry i didnt leave you a comment before! was going to but i forgot!

  4. thesinger said

    “No problem mon!”

  5. jamezy93 said

    ur speach is awesome tho i kan’t really identifi w/ u.lol!so y can’t i evr get 2 see u?!?!?!?i guess MAYBE i’ll get 2 see u in ss on sunday???seeya

  6. Benji Mast said

    I think you are on to something there about connecting with God…As I think about it though, it is hard to single out a method with which I best connect with God. They all have been very refreshing. It’s amazing how real God feels under a starry sky. Yet music has been such a cool thing as well. Converstaional prayer has been incredible as well. I think God has used all three nearly equally for me.

    So there, I just contradicted you.

  7. thesinger said

    I stand corrected. Thanks

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