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  • June 2006
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My life. Period

Posted by thesinger on June 19, 2006

My life has been good the last few days. Comments about the singing are as follows: It was at Crist Yoders. The quality of singing was fairly terrible. We sang 4 new songs; that was fun:) They made too much food so they sent some home with us. We went on an enjoyable two mile walk afterwards. Connected with some kids I don't get to talk to very often. Overall, it was a good singing.

I worked today.      Period

I liked it even though it was hard and dusty work.        Period

Tommorow night is the Church house cleaning. I am Not very stoked about that. I will go anyway.        Period

May God bless your life.        Period

Bye.      Period


3 Responses to “My life. Period”

  1. linuxgoober said

    Hi period Bye period God blesss period

  2. sherriekiddo said

    wow, so you’re in the youth group. duude. I appreciate your precise post. so to the point. period. Just like most guys. period. Not like a lot of gal’s updates. period. (eg: like mine). period. have a good night. period.

    P.S. why don’t you post some pics of everything or anything? i posted some recently. period. you might wanna check it out. period.

  3. thesinger said

    I just might do that. Period

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