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  • June 2006
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I made it.

Posted by thesinger on June 29, 2006

Well, it worked out allright last night. Even though I was tired, even though I didn’t want to, God helped us through it.

How did the songs go? Good question. I felt very good about it. The standing arrangment was very bad though.

Well, I need to go work. Have a tight one.



8 Responses to “I made it.”

  1. TheFlyingFatMan said

    IMHO, the singing that I did last night beats a 5.0HP shopvac hands down.

  2. Jdeany said

    ok cool. glad u survived.

  3. fatheadone said

    Yo, aren’t you impressed? I actually took the time to read a blog. But only one. Aren’t you even more impressed? Work hard.

  4. emily said

    good 2 c someones working!!

  5. thesinger said

    OHH YEAH!!!

  6. sherriekiddo said

    you were in costa rica?! how long? so post some pics about your trip if you feel inspired. šŸ˜‰ why didn’t you drop by?? oh well. you guys are coming down in december right?
    hey well have a good un!

  7. thesinger said

    http://www.xanga.com/TheFlyingFatMan/486458878/costa-ricanicaragua-trip.html has a report and pics. That would be a good place to get the whole story.

  8. jamezy93 said

    sup john????hey,time for another post…..ok sorry for calling u a moron

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