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  • August 2006
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What shall I write?

Posted by thesinger on August 9, 2006

Well folks, I am writing. In fact, I am writing on my blog. And do you know the name of my blog? Probably you do, and really, why wouldn’t you? Because, if you are reading my post you probably have seen the name of my blog. Ok, enough trash for now. Let’s continue to the point of the post.
Well, this is a question I have to ask myself now. What is the point I wish to bring out in this post? To be honest, I don’t know. Too bad, how very disappointing it is. So meanwhile I will continue to write meaningless sentences that don’t have anything to do with what I don’t want to write.
OOOHHH my, I just thought of something I can say in this post. Two things actually.
1. I am currently listening to a series of lectures on “How to Listen to and Understand Great Music”. It is produced by the Teaching Company. I find these lectures very helpful and extremely interesting. Ok, so yeah, I am a music freak and these things are right up my line. Another thing I find is that this course is shaping my outlook and vision for music. Something that is very good for me.
2. The Masts came over last night for supper and we had a good time of fellowship together. Also I might mention that my mom is a wonderful cook, one of the best in the world!
Ok, well, I think I’m done writing now so,

P.S. My mom makes delicious pumpkin pie. It’s the best!


2 Responses to “What shall I write?”

  1. sherriekiddo said

    love your profound post…

  2. emily said

    too mind boggling 4 me!or at least the first half! d:

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