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Scary Experiences that I’ve had in the World of Choral Music

Posted by thesinger on November 30, 2006

Yesterday evening was notable. I led a song for the entire congregation of Cedar Crest Amish Mennonite Church. Mr. S was asked on very short notice to be responsible for the Wednesday evening service. He said yes. He than decided to have a kind of singspiration where he would read the story of a hymn and than the congregation would sing the hymn. The interesting part of the service was that he got his male students from PCHS to read the stories — and he got me to lead a song. It was an amazing experience. Standing up there in front of everybody, my knees shaking uncontrollably, my face as red as a cherry, waving my hand around in a semi-useless way. Even if I didn’t like the strange feelings, the experience was really good for me. Because of this experience,I will admire the ones who do it well, and be much more understanding of the ones who don’t.

I remember my first solo. It was in the seventh grade. My voice had not changed yet. I sang the soprano solo on “Go Down Moses.” That experience was frightening, but not as bad as my next solo.

That solo was with the Mennonite Community Chorus. It was the first verse of “Once in Royal David’s City.” I sang it in the regular soprano octave, because my voice hadn’t changed yet. Now I can look back on the solo and say, “What was difficult about that?” However, back then, I was relatively new to this thing called Choral Music. What’s more, tradition dictates that the first verse must be sung by a soloist without any vocal accompaniment. This is a difficult assignment for any singer, and we’re not even talking about a young man of 13, who has had very little training. So, even now I can recall distinctly exactly where and how I was standing. My cherry-red face turned itself on, I developed a very bad case of kneeknockingitus, and then I gave my solo. I can’t remember distinctly how I did, (perhaps because my brain wanted to block out any painful memories) but I remember one high note that my voice would consistently crack on, right as I was attempting to hit it. Aaaahhhh vell, such is life.

Why do I write this? That is a very good question. Sometimes I wish I knew myself.


p.s. Tonight is the dress rehearsal for Reno Choral Society’s “Nine Lessons and Carols.” I am looking forward to a very good final practice.

Afterwards: I’m sorry to report that the rehearsal sortof sucked. Thankfully, the concert will be so much better than this rehearsal. Everybody will be there, we will have a better piano, and we’ll be so scared that we’ll sing beautifully!

p.s. If possible, you should come and listen!


7 Responses to “Scary Experiences that I’ve had in the World of Choral Music”

  1. mikey said

    I’m sure you did great last night John.
    Even with the cherry-red face:)
    How come I’ve never seen that feat?

  2. em said

    hey the concert or whatever was great!except i wish all the songs would have been as good as the last one!lol!

  3. Jakie said

    I wasn’t there but I did hear that you looked nervous. lol I think it was good for you.

  4. thesinger said

    Sooo, Em,

    Why would “You” like the last one?

  5. yeah, I would just also like to testify that the last song really spoke deeply into my life. I could go into detail, but I see the clock is moving faster than I am so I’ll need to leave that for now… Amen to the message as I understood it…

  6. Brendon said

    Hey man hows life been? Haven’t talked with you in a while. It be kinda cool if we could get together sometime. Brendon

  7. em said

    well technically i liked the music that went with it!the words were glorious too tho!lol

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