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Thesinger is going to El Salvador!!!!

Posted by thesinger on December 30, 2006

Right now I think that I’m in the shock stage. I mean, how in the world in 48 hrs. am I going to be in a different culture, a different country, and all the accompanying stresses. I think I need to go to bed. That might clear up some things.

Lyle and Maria got married. It was a beautiful wedding filled with lots of good music; A ccapella Singing, Choral Music, and Good Singers (No pun intended). It was a great wedding!


Bubbles were a part of the festivities as well.



I leave you, my dear reader, with the understanding that the next time I converse with you will be when I am in El Salvador. Yippie!!!!!

Much love I leave with you, (the I Cor. 13 kind)



9 Responses to “Thesinger is going to El Salvador!!!!”

  1. Please have fun in El Salvador and I send 1 Cor.13 love with ya.

  2. sherrie said

    nice pics… the one on the left is especially stunning! šŸ˜‰ yeah, well, can barely believe you guys are coming either, but we’re gonna have a blast man!! rock on…

  3. bigbutbald said

    Hey, in about 36 hours you’ll be here. As you said, diferent country, diferent culture, some stress, yes, but you forgot to mention TANNING.

  4. jamezy93 said

    have a GOOD trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. thesinger said

    Thanks jamezy93! I’m at the wichita Airport now, waiting to board. I hope you have a great time holding down the fort at home.

  6. shake shade said

    hey hope that you have a good time at the beach when I am snow boarding. i’m glad that your going. šŸ™‚

  7. mikey said

    Hi John…hope u all have a great time in ES.
    Also hope Montezuma refrains from his evil deed.
    Good times!

  8. thesinger said

    Glad for all the nice comments. I am having a nice time with Kevin and los otros. I hope to post a long one but for now this will sufice.

  9. um said

    Hey, I’m jealous! Actually not quite. But have fun!

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