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I’m alive!!

Posted by thesinger on January 9, 2007

While it might have seemed that I dropped of the edge of the earth, I actually am alive and kicking. You see, what happened was that Loyal, Anja, and myself went to El Respaladero for the weekend and so I wasn’t able to update this blog. That is why I seemed to drop off the edge of the earth. We are back in San Salvador, however, and I felt like posting – so I am.

We are having a most delightful time, and are trying to experience the Latin culture as best as white gringos can. I posted some pictures on picasa web albums and here is the link if anyone would like to see them. http://picasaweb.google.com/gosing90

Tomorrow us kids are planning to go to the Beach!!!!! That should be loads of fun and games, i.e. Very Festive!!

I must run. Partying is a full time job which must not be left for any significant amount of time.

Many parties to you and yours,


ps. feel free to drop me a comment if you are alive as well. . .


6 Responses to “I’m alive!!”

  1. Looks like your having fun!! Keep it up!

  2. paye_222 said

    Have some fun for me to 😉 did not know you were down there until I found your site by accedent

  3. Tes said

    I loved the pics! Looks like you are having a wonderful time! I hope your full time party job isn’t too difficult for you! :o) Somehow I don’t think it is! Have fun!

  4. james said

    i’m alive! hey when are you coming back?????????? seeya

  5. thesinger said

    We are coming back on the 29th of January which is a Monday. I am looking forward to an exciting week coming right up. Many good things should happen in that space of time.
    Peace, Love, and what else!!??!!! HAIR GREASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. mikey said

    My, how times have changed
    Have great times in ES John
    c u when u get back 🙂

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