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I uploaded some more pictures.

Posted by thesinger on January 16, 2007

That is the point of this post. I uploaded some more pictures.

It is a sad thing to think about that in one week from this evening, I will have finished my first day of school. I will have missed two weeks and one day of school which means that I will have to catch up two weeks and one day of school. I know, that was obvious, but that is what is on my mind, and that is what I shared. Period.

On to bigger and better things; Art’s whole family and my whole family are going to the beach tomorrow. It might sound like all we do is go to the beach but in reality (not metaphorically speaking either) we did not go on Sherri’s birthday like we had planned, because of some unforeseen events that took place. So, that should be a metaphorical pile of fun.

I will go. Period. The party that we have planned for later tonight should surpass all others and be enjoyable for all those who enjoy it. Period.


Later: It is 4:37 and we just got done with the most enjoyable party that we have had yet. It was a long one, and it was a good one. If you want more details, you must email me at gosing90@gmail.com. Kevin has some results of our party at his blog. They are very interesting in my humble opinion.


3 Responses to “I uploaded some more pictures.”

  1. I love those ocean pics!

  2. Better you than me I always say… About the extra school work not having fun in El Salvador… Uber pics!

  3. Heidi said

    I really enjoyed your pics, makes me wanna go there. Looks like oodles of fun!

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