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Craig is dating, Rachel!!!

Posted by thesinger on February 3, 2007

I know, very stunning. It is really amazing. I had stress getting to sleep the night Craig told me. I was very keyed up that night.

Here is a picture of Craig cheesing away and Rachel doing some of the same. Reports had it that they had a good first date.


So, in conclusion, (as they say) Craig is a happy man and Rachel is pleased with the success of the first date. I extend God’s blessings to them as they start, , , , ,,, ,, ,,, dating.


This is after the social. Craig said that their time together was “Good”



12 Responses to “Craig is dating, Rachel!!!”

  1. Kudos to Craig and Rachel!! May they have many more “Good” times.

  2. Eldub said

    Yes, yes, this is a good thing!

  3. verda said

    Thats awesome! Lets just say that some people in our family are also very keyed up about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. bigbutbald said

    beyond awesome! their grins crack me up.

  5. Wow, that’s exciting!! Indeed, Craig looks ready to burst with that wide grin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. what a bro. He like.

  7. em said

    wow congrats. it truly is exciting to have ur bro dating, right?

  8. thesinger said

    It is interesting, yes.

  9. Virgiln said

    nicely done.

  10. rowtifer said

    i’m like very excited for them and stuff.=))))) that’s a very large cheesy grin from rhoda

  11. jamezy93 said

    wow wow double congrats t you (and them) LOL!!

  12. TheFlyingFatMan said

    Da da dum dum dum dum another one bites the dust! What a crazy willard.

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