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I am living. Period.

Posted by thesinger on February 12, 2007

Right now, I have come home from a Messiah practice. I feel slightly tired, actually, rather tired.

Life is full. Life is full of good things. Life is full of good things like Music, Friends, and School. I like all of those, but all of those things have to be prioritized correctly for me to like them.

Tomorrow I have to go to Anabaptist History Class. That could potentially be a drag. I hope not.

I have a random of piece of advice that originated at Messiah practice. It is especially poignant in the midst of winter and and all the sickness that goes along with that:

Save the Baby Voices!

Much peace, love, and joy,


3 Responses to “I am living. Period.”

  1. Hope ya have a good one tomorrow and you’ll have a good anabaptist history class.

  2. Verda said

    Are you singing a solo in Messiah? šŸ™‚

  3. thesinger said

    Fraid not. I wish, though. šŸ˜› They usually get some big shot from around the area to do the tenor solos. Maybe next time. . . HAHAHA!!!

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