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Posted by thesinger on February 14, 2007

was called off yesterday because of a freezing rain/snow storm! I was happy for the day off from school!

Anabaptist History (AnaH) continues to plod along. The main good thing about AnaH is that we have fairly interesting discussions about various topics, of which the most interesting were discussions about homeschooling, about why we need to hear the stories of the older people in our church, and about Church rules and disciplines.

The pace is picking up in Music 1 and Choir because of the rapidly approaching spring programs. Pray that preparations for that could go well.

I must sign out and do, what else?



ps. I would like you to notice the Quote of the Day down and to the right of this post. I think it fits on a day like today. 🙂


One Response to “School”

  1. sheila said

    yes it was definitely great not to have school!!! wish we could do it more often!!:)

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