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Thesinger tried to play 6-Square.

Posted by thesinger on February 15, 2007

But unfortunately, Sewing Class was taking place at the same time, in the same general area. This is not a good thing. In the second play of the game, Mr. S was given a beautiful set and struck the ball heavily on it’s chest in a low manner so that the ball went towards the kings box. This is normally an excellent move and an accepted practice. Today, however, it was disastrous. The ball flew at high velocities, landed in the king’s box, and left at about the same speed. It then made it’s way (a depressingly fast sort of way) directly towards a sewing machine cover that was sitting on a table. It knocked it over with great ease, and because 4-square balls are quite bouncy, it bounced off the cover and spun towards a full glass of water that was sitting on the table as well. In a spatter of dismay, the water spilled to the floor, leaving Mr. S to clean up the mess.

The end result was this: Mr. S promptly outlawed all playing of 6-Square during sewing class, even though Mrs. I thought that it would be OK to continue. The irony of it all is that Mr. “Teacher,” not a student, broke the law of common good and order, therefore causing the creation of a new rule.

What is the moral of the story? First, we must remember to obey the common law of good and order. Second, 6-Square and Sewing should have nothing to do with each other. The results can be very moisture-laden.



3 Responses to “Thesinger tried to play 6-Square.”

  1. TheFlyingFatMan said

    LOL Good one!

  2. although 6-square and sewing are two very excellent “pass times” (IMO) I do agree they don’t go very well together!
    That was an amusing post though! 😀

  3. I just noticed that I failed to comment on this post. What a retarded thing to do of me…. Anyways, it was an incredibly fun afternoon!!

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