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The Future.

Posted by thesinger on February 23, 2007

Recently I have been having thoughts about my life after school and what I should be doing while I’m in school.

The main thing that strikes me is that I need to be grateful to God and my family for where I am right now. I have many spiritual and physical blessings that the majority of the people in the world do not have.

Second, not only do I need to be grateful, but I must do something to convey my gratefulness. One way I can convey my gratefulness is to prepare for a life of service. For me, right here and right now, preparing for a life of service means to do my best in school, and to learn everything I can about how the world works. This should be and is my goal for right here and now.

Ok, thanks for listening! Hope you’alls have a great weekend!



3 Responses to “The Future.”

  1. Uber kudos!!

  2. mikey said

    Sounds like your right on track singer!
    Appreciate your goals in life.
    And also a good weekend to you friend!

  3. James said

    great! i haven’t thought to much about that stuff myself..thanks for the thoughts

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