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I could write a S.O.B. story about today,

Posted by thesinger on February 27, 2007

but I won’t. Whew!! That was close.

Today I bargained with my Dad. It is a rather complicated story, involving work at the Seed House, and nobody who could do it. I really wanted to be at ceramics class this afternoon, but then Dad started offering monetary values in the neighborhood of $10 to be on call and do load outs. Then, I thought of something. A concert is going to take place in Kansas City in several weeks from now, and since this type of concert is something that I really enjoy, (insert choral music here) I wanted to go very badly. So, I calmly suggested to Dad that there is a concert that is happening 3.75 hours away from here that costs $15 plus transportation to go to and he almost jumped at the opportunity to let me go. I rapidly agreed and so “here we are.” “Sorry?” “Well, only on those few occasions when you burn my scrambled eggs.” (A quote from Medieval Mom, from the cassette series Your Story Hour, with Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue.)

The moral of this story is, when you want to do something of importance that your parents feel good about, but don’t know if it’s worth the money or time, calmly wait until something comes up that they want you to do but can’t force or coerce you into doing. Sometimes, the pressure of whatever they want you to do can be used to further your own purposes and goals. This is a very useful technique, however, it must be used very sparingly and only in the perfect situations.


ps. The concert in question is going to be performed by the esteemed Concordia Choir from Moorhead, MN.


One Response to “I could write a S.O.B. story about today,”

  1. LOL! 😀

    Concordia?!?! whoopee, have fun, thats so exciting!

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