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Volleyball and School

Posted by thesinger on March 2, 2007

Yes, I have a weakness for the dear sport. It is truly a wonderful way to “a-muse” myself and get away from that stress-filled occupation called high school.

While we’re on the subject of high school, I will mention that I talked to Mr. S about one particular song that we really struggled with and never fully mastered. I suggested to him that we totally and utterly not sing it, and he agreed, just that quick. I also suggested to him that we sing a song that I got from a website called vpmag.com/nwc/. (It’s a place that people can upload songs that are in the NoteWorthy Composer file format.) The name of the song is Dona Nobis Pacem. It’s a round song that was written by William Byrd in the renaissance period. A very nice song in my humble opinion. 🙂

Does this story have a moral? I don’t think I will assign any. If you want to deduce any morals from this ramble, feel very free to do so.


Ps. I was on some very good teams tonight and we won very often. That is a very good thing!!!


7 Responses to “Volleyball and School”

  1. Dona Nobis Pacem is great, thanks for the suggestion.

  2. thesinger said

    Hey, it’s all my pleasure as far as the whole suggest music thing is concerned. 🙂 Such is life.

  3. shake shade said

    good that you won that is a very good thing, cause I cant say the same.

  4. thesinger said

    SIL man, SIL.

  5. arlyn said

    I agree with linuxgoober that Dona Nobis Pachem is a great song. Great idea. Arlyn

  6. Josh said

    Dona Nobis Pacem ISN’T by William Byrd. It’s an anonymous round. I made a mistake a year ago by submitting it into vpmag.com/nwc/ as William Byrd. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.

  7. thesinger said

    Thanks for the edit. I always appreciate when I’m corrected by my readership.

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