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Posted by thesinger on March 8, 2007

Can I get over this theme?
I don’t think so. Here is the latest picture of The Man.


peace out,



7 Responses to “Austin.”

  1. I was here for a party not for a dumb popularity show.

  2. sheri said

    hey dude. sounds like you might possibly be having a very “festive” time. happy for you. you know, IMHO partying with cousins is sure hard to beat. nice pic! live it uuup!! 😀

    p.s. your player is like so “wow”. now maybe i don’t need to feel quite so guilty listening to music. LOL.

  3. the dude's mom said

    Oh my… it looks like that boy needs some sleep. Let me guess… he won’t be driving the eight hours home again.

  4. What a party last night, and The Dude’s Mom, lets not be so hard on the boy!

  5. shake shade ( Austin ) said

    now that was a party and stuff like that, and I did drive 6 hours or something like that on the way home….take that.

  6. mikey913 said

    Happy Birthday singer!!!
    Hope you have a great day

  7. thesinger said

    Thank you Mikey913!! I am having a great day and hope it continues!!!

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