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It’s my birthday!

Posted by thesinger on March 12, 2007

And I got a birthday card from my “Kind/Rich Uncle”. It’s a funny one that I thought might bless my readership. 😛

The front cover goes like this.


The inside is very nice. I like what it says!!


In addition, I got a card in the mail from my brother who is Calvary Bible School. This one is very funny, butt, for the sake of my more sensitive readers, I am refraining from posting pictures of that one.

Choir at school is going well. I am convinced that the program on Wed. night at Center Amish Mennonite Church will have some definite highlights, and some definite lowlights. What does this mean? This means that we will probably have a balanced program. Some good parts, and some not so good parts.

To my readers who are not singing in the Choir: I cordially invite all of you to Center Amish Mennonite Church on Wednesday evening, at 7:45 PM. I hope to see you there!


ps. Sheri wrote an amazing post that needs to be read by all who are stressed out with school, or just need an energy boost. I recommend it to everybody else as humorous reading or just plain ol’ GOOD READING!!!!


5 Responses to “It’s my birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey I didn’t know it was your birthday, but here’s wishing you a great year!

  3. Anja said

    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for being a great brother!
    Have a good one!
    God Bless!

  4. shake shade ( Austin ) said

    happy birthday hope that life is good and great and stuff and that you remember that one day out of the year that you can have a birthday….at least the last time I looked in to it.

  5. sherrie said

    thank you, thank you, as loyal says, dont applaud just throw money! 😉 and the TP cruiser is like amazing. somehow it reminds me a bit of our chat on monday. oh dear! lol lol.
    hope your choir goes great!!

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