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Guest Post by Ryan Nisly on Choir.

Posted by thesinger on March 16, 2007

I have various thoughts about choir. Personally, I enjoy music a lot, but I would rather listen to music than participate in creating musical fusion. That being said, I did enjoy choir quite a lot this year. Various highlights include the following: learning to sing new songs, giving programs (We are still in the process of giving them), singing with John in charge (“Since by Man Came Death” by Handel), and believe it or not, sleeping during an optional choir.

Choir typically begins at 1:00 on Friday afternoons. We start off the class with some warm-ups to warm up our voices. After we have done all sorts of interesting things to make our voices sound nice and boost our confidence, we sing and work on songs that we are singing for the Spring Programs. The class generally ends at 2:07 PM.

Ryan Nisly


7 Responses to “Guest Post by Ryan Nisly on Choir.”

  1. thesinger said

    Peaceful post man.

  2. shake shade ( Austin ) said

    glad that you liked it 🙂

  3. TheFlyingFatMan said

    Oy! Here I come to see what John has to say and the Ryan is talking! Choir has been fun, but I’m about tired of programs now. Can’t wait ’til the big sing along funny Choir time after programs though. Hehe

  4. thesinger said

    Yeah, I can’t either!!!

  5. sunnygal90 said

    aww, i miss our school’s programs!

  6. random thinker (Austin) said

    wow to think that you let ryan talk on something that your blog is all about ,that was a brave thing to do cause he could of said any thing that he wanted to, i am leaving this comment with the palmone and i think am getting the hang of it

  7. ibuoqy said

    Hello, wonderful and informative web site.
    Good bye.

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