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The Programs are OVER!!!

Posted by thesinger on March 21, 2007

And if you haven’t caught on by now, let me tell you that I am very ready to think and breath and live something else besides Spring Programs at high schools.

It seems as though this is the time of year for many concerts. The reason I say this is because the Reno Choral Society and the Hutchinson Community College Concert Chorale are going to be giving a performance of Handel’s Messiah this next Sunday at Stringer Fine Arts Center in Hutchinson. (I welcome all of my readers to join us for this performance. It will be Very Good!!)

I must run. Many concerts make me very busy.



5 Responses to “The Programs are OVER!!!”

  1. sheri said

    glad for you!

  2. Yeeeeeeehaaaaw!!!!!!!

  3. screaminsteven said

    Thanks for the lovely little reminder. But when was I worried about having a “Good” blog? O congrats on the programs being over, must be nice!

  4. TheFlyingFatMan said


  5. mikey said

    programs over and now on to the concerts,
    sounds like a lot of fun, singer!

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