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Posted by thesinger on March 22, 2007

a recently purchased CD entitled “Palestrina – Masses & Motets.” It is simply some of the nicest Church music of the 16th Century. One reason I bought it was because I am a major fan of Palestrina. His music has a ethereal sound that powerfully cuts to the quick as the pure but deep harmonies cascade over the soul.

In other words, it speaks to me.

I bought another CD from the same place while I was anyway paying big money for shipping. It is entitled “Early American Choral Music – Vol. 1.” It exclusively features the music of William Billings. The word that comes to mind when I try to describe his music is earthy. Just because I call it earthy, however, does not mean for one iota that it’s not beautiful. Rather, this earthiness merely powers the music along with a high energy that just wants to blow off the roof. “The Lord is Risen Indeed”, which is written by Billings, is an excellent example of the energy in his music.


ps, Scroll Publishing has some pretty good specials on some of their music selections.


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