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I like Spring Break!!

Posted by thesinger on March 27, 2007

Yes, that says it all. Today, I spent the morning shooting the seniors in town. It was definitely my type of thing. I enjoyed hanging out with a very neat bunch of kids and being behind a powerful camera. You know? It sort of combined stuff I enjoy doing the most — shooting and hanging. (Oh, and it also helps my attitude when my services are rewarded with cash.) *smiles here*

Another good thing associated with senior group-picture-taking outings is going out to eat afterwards. So, it was decided in the Reno Co. Museum parking lot that we would go grab a bite at Spangles, and afterwards go to Metropolitan Coffee and hang there for a while. This is what happened. It was a lot of fun. Even though I am only a Junior in high school, they graciously allowed me to hang with them even after the official picture taking was over. Good times!! Good times!!

To give you an idea of what happened when, we met at School at 8:30 AM. Left School at 8:42 AM. Met Karen at “the strip” (an asphalt strip, owned by whoever owns the road system) and left for downtown Hutchinson. We shot pictures at several locations from approx. 9:10 AM to 10:39 AM. We talked about where we want to go eat and other assorted things etc. etc. etc. for about 15 min. in the Reno Co. Museum parking lot (as mentioned before) and left for Spangles at approx 11:01 AM. We ate there in Spangles, (I ate a 1/3 lb. Gourmet Supreme Shake Meal, it was very good) visited together until we were done eating, and then left for Metropolitan Coffee. We arrived at Metropolitan Coffee at about 11:53 AM. I ordered a Mocha. It was very flavorful, delicious, and warming. We then commenced to talk about life after high school, etc., etc., and generally had a wonderful time together. We left Metropolitan Coffee at 12:50 AM and came home.

Now I will post some pictures of the morning for your “listening” entertainment and enjoyment. First of all, I will post some group portraits.

seniors-015-1752-x-1168.jpg seniors-017-1752-x-1168.jpg seniors-054-1752-x-1168.jpg


Next up is a picture in Spangles.


And last, here are several pictures of the festivities at Metropolitan Coffee.

seniors-071-1752-x-1168.jpg seniors-074-1752-x-1168.jpg seniors-081-1752-x-1168.jpg

That is all for today. I hope all of you have a marvey day tomorrow!!



9 Responses to “I like Spring Break!!”

  1. random thinker said

    nice pic……. well I guess that they better be if you got some {happy cash}. but besides that it looks like you had a fun, so peace , love and lots of stuff. 🙂

  2. random thinker said

    that would be a fun time….or a some fun, think of it how ever you like….. just not “a fun” 🙂

  3. sherrie said

    dude, you are like one awesome photographer! cheers!! and of course, coffee + friends has to equal GOOD TIMES! 😀

  4. thesinger said

    Hey, Thanks! I really get lots of kicks and giggles out of shooting people. 😀 And Yes!! Coffee + Friends DOES equal Good Times!!!!

  5. Karen said

    Hey, you missed the part about that green car parked beside that green tree in that private, brown lot beside those dangerous, brown tracks! (This is a good thing!) Thanks again for shooting us.

  6. thesinger said

    Yeah, No problem on missing that crucial piece of information. Enough said.

  7. #3 is an excellent shot! The colors go so well, its beautiful. Not sure why #6 also stands out to me, too. Props to you, looks like a lot of fun!

  8. Totally awesome pics wish I would have seen this earlier.

  9. TheFlyingFatMan said

    Hey, thanks for shooting us! Ah yes, our encounter with Special Agent Isaacson was an interesting one, but no biggie. Thanks again dude!

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