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You Know You Were Homeschooled if. . .

Posted by thesinger on March 31, 2007

You’ve been asked if you could go to school in your pajamas and what time you got up in the morning.
You’ve been asked why you are playing “hooky” when the cashier sees you shopping with your mom during the so-called “school hours.”
Your school bus is a nine-passenger van.
You considered schoolwork after lunch to be cruel and unusual punishment.
Some people (falsely) viewed your social life to be one rung lower than that of a Benedictine monk.
You had to move dirty laundry off your desk before you could start school.
The signatures on your high school diploma all ended with the same last name.
You enjoyed the pastime of watching public school kids walk home from school.
You had to look at the clock to see if you could call your public school friends yet.
The teacher could kiss the principle, and no one thought it was unusual.
You got to school and the teacher asked you if you’ve done all your chores.
Your friends talked about waiting for seven hours to try the new ride at the State Fair, so you went and waited two minutes on a school day.
You have ever suffered through Saxon Math.
You taunted high schooled friends during finals week.
Your bedroom was your classroom and your bed or floor was the desk.
Your school lunch contained food that was easily identifiable without a microscope and extensive scientific knowledge.
All birthdays were school holidays…and national holidays were not school holidays!

By Emily Paine, taken from the RCHE Dispatch.

I thought these were very well done. I wouldn’t know how to do them any better. Of course, the author is a homeschooler. 😉



8 Responses to “You Know You Were Homeschooled if. . .”

  1. Very well put coming from how I understand homeschooling. (I’m not homeschooled.)

  2. random thinker said

    nice….it is the way life is.

  3. I would say that moving the dirty laundry off your desk, is definitely a key element in learning…

  4. “The teacher could kiss the principle, and no one thought it was unusual.” he he

  5. sheri said

    hmmm. sounds extremely familiar!! LOL.

  6. jamezy93 said

    yeah!! Rock on home schoolers!!

  7. sheila said

    bed or floor the desk… thats for other people too! or at least for me!!:)

  8. Chop09 said

    That was very interesting. Lol… I used to be homeschooled. Go homeschooling!(just for the first few years of school)

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