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My Day on Sunday

Posted by thesinger on April 5, 2007

It started at 6:00 AM. Ok, so really, the day started at 6:00 AM, but only for Mom, Dad, and Anja. The reason it started so early was that they went down to Perkins, OK. The church there had asked Dad to come preach a message on “Deaconhood,” or something relating to that job. Anyway, that was background for what I am going to tell you now.

I woke up at 8:47 AM and hopped into the shower. Warm showers at the point of awakening are some of the most awesome things God has given us rich Americans. That shower totaled about 20 minutes of bliss. I was properly pumped up for the day after I took my shower.

I ate breakfast–Mom’s homemade Granola–and continued to get dressed for church.

Church was a good experience. I enjoyed the Sunday School, the sermon was up-lifting, and the fellowship was great. During the service, I asked Matt, who was sitting beside me, what they were having for lunch. He couldn’t seem to remember which was very saddening for me. I then told him that inviting myself to people’s houses for Sunday Lunch was a very fun occupation. I will now deviate from the strict details of the story and make the observation that Matt is a very brilliant kid. Oh, I know, he’s pretty quiet, but underneath that shell of quietness, is a very smart kid.

Back to the story. Matt, in his customary brilliantness, caught on very quickly to the fact that I was inviting myself over to his house for Lunch. He then told me in very pompous tone, “You are officially invited.” I couldn’t have been more happy. Not only had I successfully invited myself to someone else’s house, but I knew deep down in my heart that the food would be of exceptional quality. It was. Listening to my heart had brought me out on top again.

I went to Matt‘s house, helped him and Jakie make some Co-Ed Lemonade, and sat down to a wonderful meal. I ate some good food, talked weather, (because that’s what men talk about when we talk), and the women talked about who was pregnant, (because that’s what women talk about when the talk).

Eventually, all the other visitors (Lester Yutzys and Mikey913) left. Matt, Jakie, and I, then commenced to talk and “wrestle,” sortof. And then, we decided to go outside to see what trouble we could stir up. Mostly what we did was some very aggressive See-sawing (that poor see-saw was bent very badly because of lots of weight) and jumping around when Matt was unknowingly straddling a snake (I know not what kind it was). Jakie calmly said, Hey, Matt, did you know your standing over a snake?” (He said it in usual monotone that Jakie talks in.) It was then that we jumped! I’m not a big fan of snakes. And we also played some slow-motion foot-ball with the help of MJ and Jordan. I then had to go home because Mom, Dad, and Anja were almost home from Perkins by that time. Pain.

One might ask the question, “Why did I post exclusively about my day on Sunday when today is Thursday?” The short answer is: good question. The long answer is that I was going to post some pictures that Jakie shot of the see-saw and the snake, but I couldn’t get wordpress to cooperate very well for me, so, I guess that if you want pictures of Sunday, you will have to email me at gosing90@gmail.com.

Peace out to all,



5 Responses to “My Day on Sunday”

  1. sounds like mucho fun

  2. thesinger said

    It was mucho fun. 🙂

  3. sherrie said

    sounds interesting. yeah i think you should send me pics. the story of the snake would be more exciting if somebody had gotten bitten. 😛
    Tonight we were playing the “monkey” song again and it’s very amazing. i totally approve of it…

  4. jamezy93 said


  5. random thinker said

    yes what Sherrie said, it should have bitten you, hahaha and yes send me pic.

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