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Every man needs a wife to balance out his life………..

Posted by thesinger on April 25, 2007


I thought this might bless my readership. . . 🙂



13 Responses to “Every man needs a wife to balance out his life………..”

  1. livetsegentligheter said

    And vice vers;)

  2. Something like that…

  3. Michelle said

    Yeah, I love it! You are quite the insightful young man. 😉

  4. it did, it really did! 😆 you rock! loooooool!

  5. elsalgal91 said

    duuuuude, i can approve of pics like that!!!!! 😀 very good way to illustrate a biblical moral. 😛

  6. just me said

    that is just mean..sorta lolish too tho..

  7. Yeah, true to her kind, she definitely has a lot of “balancing force” to herself.

  8. random thinker said

    I don’t think that I would want to take a chance and be him, just cause you have a wife to balance out life, you still could hit a pot hole…..well lets just say things could go south…..just buy another tire

  9. thesinger said

    I appreciate all the helpful comments. I would mostly like to respond to Random Thinker’s comment about just buying another tire. For me, I can really appreciate the guy logic that he used to come to this conclusion. Another thing I can affirm is that it costs less in the long run to buy a tire than the cost to maintain a wife. I hear that they are frightfully expensive things to have. . .


    (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist poking fun) 🙂

  10. random thinker said


  11. jamezy93 said

    but don’t you get it? he didn’t have another tire so his wife balances it on the way to the tire shop

  12. thesinger said

    *Smile 😀

  13. In my best dad at comedy barn voice, *heuh heuh heuh heuh oh heh eh heh uh heh eh hee hee hee hee*

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