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  • April 2007
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This is Saturday.

Posted by thesinger on April 28, 2007

And I have this euphoric feeling called “Happiness.” Sure, there will be normal Sat. work to do around the house, but generally speaking, Saturdays are just easier to deal with than most days.

FYI, we had the all the youth over at my house after the revival meeting and partied with some good food and fellowship. At twelve everybody else either left or went to bed except Jdeany. We then proceeded to talk the night away, discussing the worlds problems, finding solutions whenever possible, and generally having good fellowship. Good times! Good times!

I wish you all a good Saturday and a Happy New Year!!!



3 Responses to “This is Saturday.”

  1. jamezy93 said


  2. Heidi said

    Happy New Year? Isn’t that a little late? 😛

  3. thesinger said

    Yeah, rather. . . 😀

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