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Anonymous Somebodies

Posted by thesinger on April 30, 2007

Yeah, it actually happened. We had a rehearsal at my house this evening. And, (not very surprisingly) it was one very fun rehearsal!! I am fairly tired from the work it took, but am very excited because this good first rehearsal signifies more good things to come. 🙂

We’re singing some moderately tough stuff, with probably our hardest song being one of Handel’s pieces. I like!

Here are three reasons why I like to sing with the A. S. that I am copying from last years post about the A. S.

1. We have great music to sing. On the inside of that great music is a great message.

2. We have good singers with us. On top of that, I really enjoy hanging with them; Good Kids!

3. We have a commitment to quality. We want the best and will not rest until we have raised the bar, one notch higher.

So, there you have it! That is why I like to sing with this group. Good times!! Good times!!



5 Responses to “Anonymous Somebodies”

  1. w00t am looking forward to it

  2. Crystal said

    Wow, For some reason I like to hang out with the same kids!! Amen to the good kids part! 🙂 How can a rehearsal like that be so frustrating but at the same time so much fun?? Can’t believe we have to wait 4 weeks till our next rehearsal…..Pretty excited about how far we got!! ~Crystal

  3. thesinger said

    Yeah, I’m sortof wishing that these next four weeks would go by very SPEEDILY!!! *Smile

  4. 4 weeks between rehearals? wow, you guys must be good! 😉
    wow, I’d love to hear some of the A.S. music!

  5. thesinger said

    Actually, one of our members is leaving to go help a sister with a new baby for a month. BITE! 😦 But, hey, I guess it’ll be good for us to have some delayed gratification in this regard.

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