Without love,

life is a journey through a desert. John Miller


Posted by thesinger on May 15, 2007

I am bored and tired; it’s not a good combination. I am also recovering from a stomachache and headache that turned into a fever.

I do not like stomachaches. When you puke all your food and all the available fluids that your body was storing for the next day, it makes you feel weak, drained, and thirsty. I do not like stomachaches.

I sat around on my bum all day. If I had been well, I could have been working my tail off for Dad. I am discovering that working is not a bad thing when I am physically forced to sit at home all day. In other words, I am grateful for the opportunity to work.

I do not like posts that have everything to do with me. I find them very boring. I have used the word “I” 13 times previous to this supporting statement.

I am planning to go to work tomorrow. I will need my rest.

I am finished blogging (for tonight).



6 Responses to “PAIN”

  1. If you get tired of using the word “I” the word “John” would be a good substitution. If you get tired using both “I” and “John” than I would recommend the words, “John Miller”

  2. random thinker said

    does not sound like the peaches and cream are a good thing for this week. 😦

  3. thesinger said

    Yeah, I’m trying to stay with the chicken broth, etc., etc.,

  4. 😦 sry. hope tomorrow’s better.

  5. mikey said

    Sorry about your sickness
    Get well soon singer 🙂

  6. Anja said

    Hey, to all who wonder if John is STILL sick I will answer your question and clarify that John is no longer sick! Yippee!!!!!! And to the editor of this post: it was rather strange to see you sit around on the couch All day!(or at least most of it) 😉 …so glad your better!!!!! 🙂 ~ADM

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