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life is a journey through a desert. John Miller

I’m well, and kicking wildly!!

Posted by thesinger on May 17, 2007

And, I’m off for the weekend. I will be reachable only by phone for a whole weekend. HOW TERRIBLE!! (as Kenneth would say)

I am heading off to Copeland, KS to hang out with my brother Floyd. He is the Principal at Copeland Christian School and their school is having their graduation this weekend. So, like a good brother, I must go hang out for a weekend at Copeland.

Yeah, the kicking wildly part comes into the picture when I kick wildly against the wheat or, rogue the wheat. Some of our wheat was killed by a late snow. The dead wheat is still out there in the field, (duh John). Therefore, when you try to walk against the dead, dense, layer of wheat, it can cause fatigue quicker then normal. That’s where the kicking wildly part comes in. 🙂 (My poor school-muscles really feel it tonight because of the unusual amount of walking and exercise.)

Must run and finish packing. Have a good one everybody!!!!



5 Responses to “I’m well, and kicking wildly!!”

  1. Please continue to kick!

  2. thesinger said

    Will do!

  3. elsalgal91 said

    glad to see your kicking, though i’m glad i’m not the one being kicked. 😛
    rock on, bro, hope you have an awesome wknd!

  4. elsalgal91 said

    P.S. oh, i just noticed your quote. Glad to see that it’s up there so that some other people can profit as well from that profound conversation the other night. 😛 i like quotes like that. totally, metaphorically speaking of course, straight from the horses mouth! LOL. 😉

  5. random thinker said

    dude have a good one, I am here in PA….having fun.

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