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life is a journey through a desert. John Miller

I’m eating Ice Cream.

Posted by thesinger on May 25, 2007

And I feel that the world is a wonderful place to live in. (not that I really had any choice. :))

I made some money yesterday for a change. I went to the Merle Yoder Residence and pictured a cow. Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. I actually “pictured” a cow. I have found out that “to picture” is the official name for the art and practice of getting a cow ready for advertising purposes, and then actually shooting the picture. Another thing I learned is that when you are advertising a heifer in dairy magazine, you picture its dam, not the heifer itself.

Here’s a picture of the momma cow that I pictured.


Random thought of the day: Go read ryannisly.com/blog. The jokes he posted there should bless any and everybody’s heart.



2 Responses to “I’m eating Ice Cream.”

  1. Rockin’

  2. Sue said

    Good Work, John!!! For novice, you seem to have picked up how to picture a dairy cow. Cliff (and Gary) would like to see the “udder” shot, if possible. BTW, thanks for eating ice cream and supporting the dairy farmer.

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