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I’m mildly peeved. . .

Posted by thesinger on May 26, 2007

. . .over Picasa2. It up and decided that it needed to take out all of my “inventory” of pictures, and start all over with finding pictures. I have about 40.2 Gigabytes of images on my hard drive which makes for a very long process because it has to find every one of those 20,174 files. GROAN!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME??!?!?!!!?? One has to ask very hard questions at times.

Now I will philosophize about how that we can become so addicted to our “technology.” Ok, good, that was over quick!!!

I just got home from a hard day of play. 🙂 I like the Annual Youth Picnic!!! It is a bunch of fun!! I played a lot of volleyball–which I enjoy greatly, but am not as good as it as I wish–and did a some work, because of my status as a committee member.

Here is the random picture of the day. I happened upon it as it flashed by in Picasa.




5 Responses to “I’m mildly peeved. . .”

  1. ARGH!! Technology!! Can’t we just use photo albums??!? 😉

  2. thesinger said

    🙂 My thoughts exactly!!! (not.)

  3. sheri said

    i can see how that could make anybody more than mildly peeved.
    feel your pain…

  4. mikey said

    my condolences on this great catastrophy!!

  5. […] Posted By: tech12volt Post Time: 05-26-2007 at 07:34 PM.Helfgot in Alaska http://www.slkosher.com/I?m mildly peeved. . . . . .over Picasa2. It up and decided that it needed to take out all of my ?inventory? of pictures, […]

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