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Posted by thesinger on June 1, 2007

Yup, it’s time for a picture post. First, since my readership has been clamoring for a picture of the happy couple, I thought I’d do that first and get that out of the way for the more interesting stuff.


Didn’t you know that there are two Benji’s? I didn’t either, trust me.


This is my cuz Austin. Ya gotta love the lighting.


And this is the crowning achievement of that night. For your information, this is the same pair of sunglasses. How did we do this? Hint: why are the shadows going in three different directions?


Ok, so, the story behind these pictures is that Benji and Josh were at my house after a Bible Study and stayed very late into the night. At about 10:00 in the evening, Austin joined us for the evening and night. So, we were interested in doing something with my camera and came up with some of these ideas. Not only was it a great guys party, it was a great late guys party. I didn’t get much sleep last night. 🙂

FYI, I am going to a John D. Miller Reunion this weekend. (This John D. Miller was my grandpa, it’s not really a reunion for my descendants if you see what I mean.) That should be a howl. I am so looking forward to it!!!

Peace out everybody,



8 Responses to “Pictures.”

  1. Nice Pics! Please tell me how you achieved the dual Benji picture.

  2. thesinger said

    No, the point is that you have to guess how we did it. 🙂

  3. Jeff said

    Given the fact that you can see through one of the Benji’s, and given the expression on his face, I’d say he’s some kind of corporeal likeness called forth from the spirit world.

  4. Wow, Floyd looks so much like LaVerne!
    Looks like you guys had fun with the cameras.

  5. sheri said

    maynerd, those are just TOO good!! my comment on the one of austin – cat’s eyes! 😉 very verry cool. that one of floyd and dorcas is guhrate. I like her big grin! 🙂 Dont have any clue how you did the lighting on that last one. Spotlights? 😛 hey, it’s a guess! 😆
    p.s. the right third or so of the pics don’t show up on here, so at first i couldn’t figure out what you meant by the two benji’s. (if you click on them tho they show up fine) or maybe it’s just my computer?

  6. random thinker said

    hey dude, good times, hope that you had a good time at your reunion, I had a AWESOME!!!! time at my Reunion you should have been there, I will tell you more later.

  7. elsalgal91 said

    hey, you never told us how you did it then…

  8. thesinger said

    had a completely dark room, set the exposure for 30 sec. and flashed my external flash three times at each of us guys. Because it was DARK, we could move around and not have to worry about it showing up on the sensor/exposure. Is that cool or what?

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