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Time for an up-date.

Posted by thesinger on June 10, 2007

For starters, the John D. Miller reunion was a smashing hit. I had so much fun being a goofball all weekend. Here are three pictures to prove that the people that I hung out with were also feeling like goofballs.

I am a big fan of randomness (as my readership should know by now) and will post a picture of one of my aunts. (For the photographers among you, I was privileged to shoot some pictures with a cousin’s L series lens. It happened to be a Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS USM which is a jewel of a lens. This is one of the pictures I shot with that lens.)

Have you ever heard of Frisbee Dishrag? Well, I didn’t either until we played some late at night last Saturday. This is a picture of one team. You gotta dig the expressions. 🙂

We played in the dining room. The way the camp is set up is that the dining room is on the ground-level while some dorms are downstairs. This led us to play only a very small amount in deference to the elders that were trying to sleep beneath us. The final score was 1-1. Here is a pic of my team.

This next pic is of a MASSIVE earth worm that Gene found. Gene can really be a funny codger.

The next random moral that I have for my readership, is that it is better to sleep while you are not driving. I had a rather scary experience when I fell asleep while driving. I have no more to say on this subject.

On a better note, the sermon today was a rather “steppish on the tosies” type of sermon. I needed it very much.

Have a great week all! I need to move on.


PS. Congrats to Shane and Dorcas. They are now officially dating!!


11 Responses to “Time for an up-date.”

  1. Josh T said

    I am officially envious of you playing with that lens!

  2. O, my word, what crazy cousins you have! 😆

  3. elsalgal91 said

    my 1st comment is: VERY VERY SWELL PICS!!!
    2nd is: You’re related to some pretty crazy people, mon.
    3rd: Frisbee dishrag sounds good… was it like sopping wet for more effect? 😛

  4. thesinger said

    In response to your third comment, Elsalgal91, no, the dishrag was not wet. It would have been a good idea except for the mess that it could have created. It did really stink though, as I recall. . .

  5. I also, am jealous. 😛

  6. em said

    looks like fun. where was it at?

  7. thesinger said

    At Camp Mary Dell.

  8. random thinker said

    hey dude looks like you had a good time and all, and yeah your cuz seam to be on the crazy side of life :-), but that makes a really good reunion. peace and love.

  9. Michelle said

    Umm, scary pictures. You sure you wanted the whole world to see your weird cousins?

  10. millerseven said

    gloom, despair and agony on us…. that we had to miss this wonderful reunion with such wonderful people. crazy?? the millers?? nahhhhhh

  11. Benji said

    two things

    that lens is so nice

    those pictures are so crazy

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