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Twas a boring, hard days work,

Posted by thesinger on June 13, 2007

and it didn’t help the “old brain” that I didn’t get enough sleep last night. My work consisted of some trimming, some mechanic kinds of work on the combines, and some rougeing in the afternoon. This rougeing, however, was not the usual walk at a medium speed and look for rye kind of rougeing. Rather, this kind of rougeing involved pullling all the “talls” (talls are off types of wheat that are generally taller than the rest of the wheat) that we could see. Now, this field was Full of talls, and so Loyal, Kenneth, and myself had the “privilege” of walking about 8 ft. apart and pulling the tall heads from wheat plants. GROAN!!! It took so long that we did two rounds (each round was about 1 mile long) in about two hours. GROAN AGAIN!!!!

On to better things. Like parties!!! The youth guys are going to have a campout in a nearby pasture on Friday night, the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. That should be a HOWL!!! Oh, and we are going to have some Awesome food!!!! Talk about it. Just talk about it for a while. No don’t, or I won’t be able to finish this post because of jumping up and down for joy and excitement. I helped plan this event because I have the unfortunate job of being head committee guy for the youth group, therefore, a successful occurrence of this event will also mean that we did the planning part correctly. YESS!!!




4 Responses to “Twas a boring, hard days work,”

  1. D. Peace said

    My favorite thing about boring days at work is they give me plenty of time to dream up @#$%^! blog posts. Seriously, that’s my fun at work.

  2. elsalgal91 said

    you poor, poor, poor thing! there, does that make u feel better? 😛
    my wish for you is that your campout turns out better then the time it rained, i member kv going on about that “party”. 😛 And yes, i feel your pain about being on the committee, know how traumatizing it can be…

  3. BigBoy said

    Very nice! the heat, and postive physical interaction seem to be getting to my poor body.

  4. thesinger said

    Yes, it does make me feel better, at least, sortof.

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