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My place of work.

Posted by thesinger on June 14, 2007

Miller Seed Farms is truly a dear place, a place where I devote many hours of my time to. This picture is more significant to me because of the wheat in the foreground. We at Miller Seed Farms are all about selling certified seed. The wheat in the foreground has been certified by an inspector, and is going to be cut within the next two/three weeks, the good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise. . . Without further ado, here is Miller Seed Farms.




3 Responses to “My place of work.”

  1. Nice….

  2. elsalgal91 said

    Very Nice!! imho it def looks much nicer with wheat then with alfalfa stuff…
    btw, maybe you should get up the elevator leg sometime when there’s a nice sunset and shoot some pics. just an idea, throw it out if you wish!
    i member that time when some of us kids went up on it and tried to take “personal photographs” but it was with my JUNKY film camera and they came out totally terrible, it was dark.

  3. i remember driving past that…

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