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Harvest 2007 Cont.

Posted by thesinger on June 26, 2007

In answer to elsalgal91’s question/comment, than no, I don’t actually cut the wheat; Loyal and Floyd run the combines. I do however run the grain cart whenever that is necessary. (A grain cart is large two-wheeled temporary wheat storage device, pulled by a tractor, that the combines can unload onto on-the-go. The grain cart then takes the wheat up to edge of the field and augers it onto a truck or gravity wagon.) I also am a general flunky that sortof does whatever he is told to do. For instance, tonight Mom really needed some help picking green beans. So, I got out of my nice air-conditioned tractor cab, and scooted along the ground, pulling small green things from green plants. What a let down!!! Anyway, harvest is Great!! I love it! I just got finished working 15.9 hours, with lunch and supper on-the-go. I am tired.

Peace out. thesinger


5 Responses to “Harvest 2007 Cont.”

  1. Please get some sleep.

  2. elsalgal91 said

    good advice, linuxgoober!! 😉

  3. thesinger said

    Yes, but you have to remember that getting the wheat off the field is of utmost importance!!!!

  4. random thinker said

    well lets just say that I can feel the pain, (green beans) need I say more?, and thanks for telling me what a grain cart is, you cleared it all up for me :-/ and I thank you for being a general flunky that just bless my liver. blessing to you as you get not so much sleep, and continue to be a flunky……peace

  5. mikey said

    Ahhh yes…………16 hour work days!
    The good life.

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