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Random Post

Posted by thesinger on July 1, 2007

Yup, Here it it. My random post of the week. I will just say random things as my random and tired brain thinks them.

1. Gas prices are too high.
2. The Anonymous Somebodies had an amazing practice today. It was good, but yet it really struggled in some ways. . . It was good for us.
3. We had a singing at Virginia Cumley’s house tonight. Amazing, but good.
4. I bought a lens. It’s a Canon 50mm f/1.8. It’s blitzing fast, compared to what I have now.
5. I am tired. (And it’s the day of rest. SHAME ON ME!!!) I worked very hard at our rehearsal. Good, but not good on Sundays. No, not good on Sundays. 😦
6. I am going to go now.
7. That last point is closely related to the 5th point. . .



2 Responses to “Random Post”

  1. thumbs up on your 4th random thing.

  2. Benji said

    Way to go, and, uh, it’s blitzing fast compared to just about anything.

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