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Posted by thesinger on July 15, 2007

That is the name of the day that I am writing this on. Why am I writing on this date, and not on any other date? Because I am a busy man who has little time to do random and fun things. I have many things that I save for Sunday afternoons. For example, I could fill up my delicious Sunday afternoon with several activities:
1. I could be singing and working over some Anonymous Somebodies music. This is a very enjoyable activity. The main problems are that I need to be in the right mood, and have set apart a fairly sizable block of time to really absorb what the music is saying.
2. I could be messing around with pictures already on my computer, or creating new ones. This is also a great way to spend leisurely Sunday afternoons.
3. I could be reading. I have several books that Lyle Stutzman loaned to me on music theory and conducting that would be very enjoyable and profitable to read.
4. I could be working and thinking about Youth Group committee kinds of things. This would NOT be a very restful thing or very enjoyable. Therefore, I will attempt to resist even the urge of thinking about it.
5. I could be lying on my bed, listening to some choral, classical, or otherwise nice music. I recently set up two additional speakers in conjunction with the stereo that I have now. They are positioned so that when I lay in my bed, all four speakers are pointed directly at me. One is at the foot of my bed, the second is located at the side of my bed, and the other two are at the other side of the room, pointed in my general direction. So, what I have is a lot a potential for a great swell of sound. I like this. I like this a LOT!!
6. I could be posting some random and generally useless information on my blog. I am doing that now, even as I type. Why am I doing that now? Because Sunday is a day when I am not obligated to go to work. Therefore, I can goof around and do lighter kinds of activities, like posting.

So, this is a rundown of what I can fill up my Sunday afternoons with. There is more that could be mentioned, but I’m feeling the urge to do something else.

Peace out,



2 Responses to “Sunday.”

  1. elsalgal91 said


  2. Aaron said

    I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that sunday afternoons are good things. I spent some time doing the things mentioned in your 2nd point.

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