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I’m going to the 4-H Fair with my Pictures!!!

Posted by thesinger on July 18, 2007

And, here, for your entertainment and listening enjoyment, are my selections from the last year of shooting.

d-019-upped-contrast.jpg g-009.jpg picture9-028.jpg h-007.jpg j-056-cropped.jpg

SO, there you have it. The Cream of My Crop, so to speak.

These will be conferenced judged, which means that I will sit down with the judge and he/she will talk to me and ask me questions about my pictures. During this process, the judge will decide what ribbon to give my photos. The good thing is that all photos that the 4-Her’s take to the fair will be judged on their own merit. It will NOT be the kind of thing where the top three in a class get all the glory and the rest get none. There are four ribbons possible; a white, a red, a blue, and a purple ribbon. (White is the lowest ribbon, and Purple is the highest ribbon.)

The 4-Her’s are divided into four classes, based on the individual’s skill level. The judges will pick two of the best pictures from each class, and those two will be the Champion and the Reserve Champion in that class. From the top eight photos, the judges will pick out a Grand Champion, and a Reserve Grand Champion. These will be the best two pictures at the fair, providing the judges did a good job of judging.

As you can see, I am getting stoked about the Reno County 4-H Fair. It should be a great time of learning and enjoyment!!!



12 Responses to “I’m going to the 4-H Fair with my Pictures!!!”

  1. elsalgal91 said

    stunning, simply stunning!! Can you sumbit however many you want?
    BEST wishes to you!! 😉 do you like monetary rewards if you get Champ? 🙂 are you doing ceramics again this year too?

  2. you know, I was thinking you really need to post more pictures. When I saw you updated and I got a glimpse of pictures, I had to wiggle a bit in excitement. Sadly, they are “old” piuctures. I think you really need to post more, since I’m sure you shoot a lot.

  3. Impressive. I am a large fan of the pic of Kevin and Arthur.

  4. thesinger said

    Elsalgal91, no, the limit is 4. I am taking one of the five to the open class. You do not have to be enrolled in 4-H to submit pictures in the open class.

    Sorry, no monetary rewards. Truly unfortunate. . . 😦

    Yes, I will be taking a large pitcher and bowl, and a coffee canister in the ceramics devision.

    Thanks to all for the positive comments!!


  5. comes softly said

    very nice, bro! best wishes as you attempt to overtake the competition.

  6. Ra said

    awesome! …hey, i think craig got a purple ribbon back in the ’40s when he took a pic of my bug…:)

  7. Benji said

    (reading with Grant accent is help so much for understand)

    I am like. So much.

    I am like, so much last one, so much more dan udder ones.

    Not so much more dan udder ones but, it is the favorite.

    You are need for shoot more pictures and show it for us.

    You are having so nice camera and not using it so much. At least not so we are notice.

    Using camera more and showing us what your are doing with it.


  8. thesinger said

    Yes, thesinger knows that he has a very nice camera. Yes, he also has too many fun tings to do. See, he likes to sing more then he likes to shoot the piccterrs. That is a problem when it comes to shooting often, and much. Because, you see, he dreams in musical terms. He doesn’t dream in a little rectangle. He knows that it is fun to dream in a little rectangle, but does not have as much passion for the 2×3 rectangle.

    That is the way life is sometimes. Not sorry.

    thesinger 🙂

  9. Ra said

    woe! hang on…hands up all of you. thesingerman does use his camera. you walk around a corner and there is thesingerman with his camera! you are not always prepared when thesingerman has his camera. at times you look more strange than usual–like, more than the way you are used to looking when thesingerman has his camera.
    i will agree, however, that the singerman does not use his camera as much as he has in the past. i will also agree that he does not post all the things he uses his camera for.
    i will also agree that thesingerman does take many high quality pics. so…now i will shut up. 🙂

  10. Benji said

    Hmm… I think maybe we both love music and photography. I love photography about as much as you love music, and I like music about as much as you enjoy photography, not obsessively but like a lot. Music is an equally if not more so, valid and profitable art form. I still want you to post and take more pictures though. If nothing else, tell us what you are doing musically.

  11. thesinger said

    Agreed. We will continue to pursue our separate first passions. Together, we will understand and be excited about each others first passions. Good Stuff, Levi!!!!!!

  12. Benji said

    Ah, yes, so nice.

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