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  • August 2007
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Reading sessions.

Posted by thesinger on August 3, 2007

YA! I am like SO stoked about Reading sessions; at least the kind where all you do is sit on your bum and sing new choral music. YAY!!!!!!! I love Reading sessions. http://www.senseneymusic.com/eventsc.asp?EventID=284 That will tell you some more about what I did today. What it will not tell you is that I got about 40+ pieces of new music for $17.50. Better yet, my mom and dad sponsored the event. YAY AGAIN!!!!!!

The general idea of the day was get there, pick up your packet of music, put on your name tag, grab some fruit that was available for the eating, talk with other choral directors/important people, sit down at tables (we weren’t arranged by voice part), look at all the college level music, wonder if you will be able to sight read it, realize it’s time to start, watch Brad Vogel get on the platform, lift his hands, and than we begin to sing. The singing was ok, but not that great, because, everybody was singing stuff they had never heard or seen before. Therefore, it was tough to appreciate the music for what it was truly worth. All we did was pick up a piece of music, and sing it. Often, Dr. Vogel would have some brief comments, but rarely did they last for more than a minute.

Two more good things I must mention in closing. 1. Lyle Stutzman is the man who introduced me to this event. He is also attending, therefore, we are driving down together. This is a good thing. Do I need to mention what we talk about? I don’t think so. 🙂 2. If the Lord taries, and if he is willing, I will be attending a similar reading session tomorrow. The two main differences are that it will be Sacred Choral music instead of High School/College Choral music, and we will be having a different clinician.

I am tired. Therefore, I will go to bed.

Peace out,



6 Responses to “Reading sessions.”

  1. Awesome, enjoy it. (Like I needed to tell you that ;))

  2. wildflowerdays said

    go john!

  3. mikey said

    Ah yes, Brad Vogel.
    I’ve known this gentleman from college days.
    He was a year younger than me.
    A nice guy and we often ate at the same table.
    I also worked with his grandfather when I first
    started my CNA job almost 28 years ago.
    Oh how time marches on!!

  4. comes softly said

    nice, very nice

  5. elsalgal91 said


  6. Benji said

    Tight, tight, tight.

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