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  • August 2007
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Newsy Update

Posted by thesinger on August 7, 2007

Ya, I feel, well, how do I feel? To begin, I feel full. (I just finished eating lunch) I also feel excited because we get to play volleyball tonight. YAY!!! That will be swell, fun, good, etc., etc. . . .

I also feel good about the Sacred Choral reading session. The music was of the fairly modern churchy type, which means that there was no a cappella stuff; all of it had at least piano accompaniment. That was painful! 😦 It was a good day, however, even if the music wasn’t as good as the day before.

On Sunday, we had Marvin Yutzy’s family over for lunch, which was a really peaceful time. After dinner we played the card game Steal. Justin won. He had too many skip-bo’s. 😦

On Sunday evening, the youth had a free evening, which allowed Dad, Mom, Anja, Loyal, and myself to go to an uncles and aunts party in honor of Jay and Verna’s 46th anniversary. ‘Twas boring, but good anyway.

Monday was a typical Monday in its depressing reality. Such is life.

Monday evening was actually enjoyable. I did some stuff with Anonymous Somebodies music, and chatted with some of my far away cousins, Austin/Random Thinker and Kevin. GOOD TIMES!!

I hope this newsy update didn’t offend my readership even if it was boring/lengthy/verbose.


ps. I have a question for the readers that will be at the Anonymous Somebodies Concert at the coffee shop. How many songs do you want us to sing? How long can we hold your attention? Or better yet, tell me how long you want to hear us. One hour? One and a half hours? Two hours? Just tell me what you think. Thanks in advance.


8 Responses to “Newsy Update”

  1. Kevin said

    Hopefully I’ll be there. With good coffee, good music, and good fellowship, time flies.

  2. elsalgal91 said

    hmm, i would say 4 hrs would be a good start… 😛
    aww, wish i could be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thesinger said

    Well, There is the random chance that we will have the concert after Sept. 20. Would that increase the butterflys that flutter by in your heart?

  4. wildflowerdays said

    hmmm…sorry about your sunday night. 🙂 and then you had to play hearts yet! dear me. and Kevin…the coffee here holds no comparison to el salvadorian coffee made at 2:00 am…

  5. kansasang said

    hello? do I not count? I chatted with you on Monday night too!
    I think that an hour and a half would be a good start.

  6. thesinger said

    yah, you count, only I didn’t chat with you for an hour or more like I did with my cousins. . .

  7. Crystal said

    I don’t think it should be longer than an hour….I don’t think I can listen any longer than that…. 🙂

  8. thesinger said

    Yeah, if we sing longer than an hour, you just might just have to work it out on your own. 🙂 (Smile, Cheese, VERY FUNNY!!! :))

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