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The Seed Meeting/Work

Posted by thesinger on August 11, 2007

Ya, this will be a work related post. It will also have an excessive amount of pictures. All of them were taken on Thursday, either in staff meeting, or during the day.

It’s time to start the day.


First it’s staff-meeting time.


Everybody is “awake” and “VERY EXCITED”.



This the Clipper Cleaner.


These next two are of the Gravity Table, the second cleaner that we run the wheat over.



For our annual Fall Seed sales meeting, we clean up almost everything in and around the seed house, so that everything looks just “pretty-pretty” for the 250+ customers that come. Here is Luke, doing some final sweeping in the main warehouse area. (Luke helped us for the day of the meeting, since he was on the way home from Mexico. He was teaching English with Floyd and his team.)


One of the hardest things to do is empty the warehouse of pallets/stuff. Here is a picture of our nearly empty warehouse. (YAY US!!!)


Here is Ian picking up barrels of dirt with the forklift.


Ah, one of the benefits of Seed Meeting day is free pop for the employees. I think I drank three cans. 🙂


I failed to get any pictures of during the meeting. (HOW SHAMEFUL, I KNOW!!! But I was busy eating that good food. YUM!) But here is one of after the meeting with rows and rows of empty chairs.


In conclusion, it was a good meeting. We had everything cleaned up in good time and were able to make it a successful meeting. Unfortunately, it turned out to be VERY warm that evening. Like, at the warmest point, it was 96 degrees. Ok, so you must realize that that measurement was taken outside, in the breeze. Inside the warehouse with hardly any breeze and with about 300 bodies, IT WAS COOKING!!! Trust me!! That was probably the most painful part about the evening. Otherwise, it was a good meeting.



3 Responses to “The Seed Meeting/Work”

  1. Yeah, too bad you didn’t get a pic of all those sweating people. Definitely a time of being warm and filled…

  2. Wonderful, Wonderful!

  3. mombasaman said

    That food was absolutely awesome! The A/C didn’t work that well but that’s chust fine. It’s healthy to sweat right?

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