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A guessing kind of post.

Posted by thesinger on August 12, 2007

Ya, would my readership like to guess what technique I used to create this image? Have at it!!



ps, the man in the image is Abe from OK.


7 Responses to “A guessing kind of post.”

  1. Aaron said

    I’m currently trying to decide if its photoshoped or not. I personally don’t think that it was, but I’m not sure how else you would have gotten that look.

  2. thesinger said

    Keep guessing. 🙂

  3. I have nooo idea. First of all, I thought you might have shot through a hole in a paper or something, but the lower right corner doesn’t support my idea!

    but it looks rather cool…

  4. thesinger said

    That is what you call my hand. It’s close to the lens, extremely out of focus, and yes, not complete, because my hand wasn’t big enough to go around all the way. So, There you have it. Random thought: Indefatigable is my favorite word right now. Doesn’t it sound SO COOL?!?!?!!!!!

  5. elsalgal91 said

    suhweeto!! that is rather extraordinary. keep posting your pics hun!
    u havin fun with kevin?? He was like just think — in 24 hrs I’ll be on the way “home” with LV’s kids listenign to “Didn’t it Rain” again and again. 😛 That is, if it is to be a tradition, that happened. 😉 I still have very fond memories of that song mixed with Loyal’s lunatical driving. . . doing 180s in parking lots and stuff. . . oh my word!! 😆 good times. . .

  6. sooo indefarigable indeed! 😆

    at least my guess wasn’t too bad off!

  7. *indefatigable

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