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  • August 2007
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Kevin is HERE!

Posted by thesinger on August 17, 2007

Ya, teh good man is here. Last night, when we went to the airport to pick him up, he seemed really bushed. Ok, so, actually, ALL of us were bushed. You see, it happened that he had at least one (maybe two, I’m not sure) canceled flight(s), and then the one he actually got on was postponed until really late at night. This meant that he got into Wichita, KS at the “wonderful” time of 2:23 AM. What a joy!!!

So, we were all very bushed! This meant that we didn’t even talk all the way home, we were too tired. Pain.

Another good thing about this whole story is that we got to bed at about 4:00 AM. This morning, when Dad came into my room to wake me up, if felt as though I had just taken a little nap. (He woke me up at 7:00, like normal.) So, all day today I was working at the Seed House with only three hours of sleep under my metaphorical belt. Pain, again.

So, I am tired. Should this surprise you? I think not.


ps. The next time you see Kevin, remind him not to come into Wichita at 2:00 in the morning. It will make us all feel better.


4 Responses to “Kevin is HERE!”

  1. wildflowerdays said

    what i think of is that i’m glad it was you and not me 🙂

  2. elsalgal91 said

    Yeah, some ppl just don’t know when to do their badness. . . totally terrible timing. DUH KEVIN! 😛 sorry about all the pain! 😦

  3. Yeeehaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! When do I get to see the man?

  4. thesinger said

    Whenever you get your little bum home. 🙂

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