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Posted by thesinger on August 19, 2007

Here are two pictures of Grandma for my viewing audience. The first one is from a portrait deal I did for them, and the second one is of Grandpa’s at our Miller reunion at Morning Star Camp.





3 Responses to “Grandma.”

  1. elsalgal91 said

    love ’em. was the first oen pretty recent? I really wish i’d have one of her and I together, but I don’t think i do. 😦 it’s so hard to believe that . . . she’s actually gone. It’s always harder when death strikes so suddenly, and you can’t say goodbye. but, she’s finally at the place she’s always wanted to be!

    praying for you guys. . . and feeling the pain too. wish i could be there for the funeral, but looks like only mom & dad are going…

  2. em said

    hey sorry about that!

  3. random thinker said

    she is gone now but, I will remember having a fun time with her and, yes the Rice Crispy Candy, yeah that was some gooooood stuff. good pic.

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