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Visitation was awesome.

Posted by thesinger on September 3, 2007

For starters, the youth went to three different places. My group went to Perry Millers.


Then all the groups met at the Kuepfer Kid’s residence for refreshments, fun, and fellowship.


‘Twas a wonderful experience. This next one is typical of Frieda. 🙂 Yay Fried!!!!


Looks like Crystal “got happy and stayed all day.”


One has to wonder why Sheri smiles so much. . .


I didn’t notice the reflection until after I shot it. Yay Me!! (Grace just hates blogging with a passion. I think she needs to be converted!!!!)


Some of the guys got into a PASSIONATE discussion about politics. Here are some pics of that.




Well, there you have it. Hope you enjoyed looking at the candids as much I enjoyed shooting them. 🙂



4 Responses to “Visitation was awesome.”

  1. elsalgal91 said

    ew-la-la man!!!! my opinion is: sweet pictures!! (as always!) i love the one of Frieda and the one of crys is just too good! 🙂 man, i’m getting pumped about seeing/hanging out with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just in case you didn’t realize!)

  2. Amazing!! I thing the pic of Frieda is fairly hilarious but so Frieda, Grace’s is quite nice (reflection is awesome), Toast’s is quite Tostish, and mine is quite despicable.

  3. Angela said

    Thanks for posting pictures of our wonderful youth group! They made me feel closer to you guys. And the politics discussion, how typical. Did anyone else notice how pretty all the girls are? If not, go look again!

  4. wildflowerdays said

    go John! good times… like–constipation at the doorway as people tried going through the line and others coming in from outside… or trying to walk through the living room without stepping on anyone… such nice people in the world!

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