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What should I post about?

Posted by thesinger on September 8, 2007

I am running into a difficulty. (not a brick wall though). It simply is that I am not sure what I should post tonight. Should I post about the awesome weekend that I’m having? Should I post how that school will not be starting for me until about a month from now? And how that I have dealt with some sadness/anger because of that? Perhaps, I should post about how that Chanticleer is a truly amazing group. Yeah, I think I like that. I will do that.

To begin, Chanticleer is a group of 12 men who use the full range of the male voice. You see, guys essentially have three or more voices, a falsetto, head, and chest voice. Chanticleer utilizes the head and falsetto ranges of half their members, enabling the group to sing music that is written for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass, instead of Tenor, Tenor, Bass, and Bass. Because they have male Sopranos and Altos, they have a completely different sound than is normal.

Something incredible about Chanticleer is their versatility. They can sing about every genre out there; Jazz, Pop, Renaissance, Choral, Christmas, and Spirituals. I would like to speculate that if I could sing in all these styles, I would be a much better musician than I am now.

Their tone is amazing. Their diction is understandable. They are always perfectly in tune. They sing some of the most difficult music out there and have a party while they are doing it. Do I need to say more? The answer is: NO. You get the picture.



3 Responses to “What should I post about?”

  1. At least your doing better than me, and actually post when you lack inspiration =/

    Like the Quote of the Day.

  2. cheers for Chanticleer!!!

  3. Please forgive me for eavesdropping on your post, but I sing with Chanticleer and just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. I don’t know where you live, but you should check our website (www.chanticleer.org) to see if we’ll be performing anywhere near you this season. Maybe you’ve already done that. Anyway, thanks for liking Chanticleer, and good luck with the singing!

    Also, look for a new Christmas record in October. It’s a lot of fun!

    -Brian Hinman, Tenor

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