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Anonymous Somebodies

Posted by thesinger on October 20, 2007

Well, we just finished giving 1.5 concerts. The first one was at Mennonite Manor, a local nursing home, and the second was at the Partridge Fest. (Partridge, KS is the town closest to us with an approximate population of 400)

The Menno Manor concert had its moments of inspiration, and it’s moments of pain. For instance, a lot of the songs really clicked with the residents, but the pain came when a dear old lady in the front row gave us multiple demonstrations on the subject, “How to Belch in the Middle of a Worship Service.” The last demonstration was synchronized with a break between songs which made for a very weak start, and an eventual collapse of our composures, the music, etc., etc. On the second try, we did actually manage to start and end the song successfully. (Looking at the ceiling and the floor was a key to our success.)

The Partridge Fest concert was very much different. We gave a twenty minute concert on a “stage” that was actually a decorated hay-rack wagon with one mike. Because it was windy, we had STRESS hearing each other, not to mention that the audience could not hear us very well. PAIN. Ah vell, at least we could have fun doing it and hopefully we lent to the festive atmosphere. Another good thing that came out of the concert is that Mr. Pastor from the Partridge Community Church invited us to provide some live entertainment for a Christmas banquet that his church is putting on. GOOD TIMES!

Peace and love to all!!!



2 Responses to “Anonymous Somebodies”

  1. Sounds fun, very disappointed that I missed them.

  2. jamezy93 said

    i loved it… great job by all
    p.s. even the lady

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