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A Question.

Posted by thesinger on November 4, 2007

The question is simple; really.

What kind of information would you like to see on this blog?



10 Responses to “A Question.”

  1. Aaron said

    Anything in the line of photos or music or interesting happenings.

  2. Angela said

    Pictures and stories from the wonderful land of Kansas! Just stuff about what you are doing and thinking. That would be greeeat.

  3. pictures would sure be a great thing, IMHO…

  4. thesinger said

    k, thanks. Oh, and I am relatively sure that I have more than three readers. Therefore, more of you faithful readers should comment as well. Thanks, thesinger

  5. Jeff said

    Booger jokes.

  6. em said

    def. lotsa pictures!!

  7. Jewel said

    your jokes are wonderful. Pictures are great, but I think you should do more reviews of artists… like that one you did on Chanticleer.

  8. thesinger said

    Hey, thanks to everyone who responded! I will give some thought to what I will be writing in the future and hopefully you will begin to see some of the things that I come up with.

    Thought for the day: The two positions who dominate the way a volleyball game is played are the first hitters and the setters. This is because the first hitters must field the ball to the right person, namely the setter. The setter, if he is in the middle front like normal, can decide which one of the spikers he will set to. The setter can also make or brake a powerful spike for the spiker, depending if the set is in the perfect defensive position so that the spiker has the advantage over the blockers.

    There, that was random, but it is something I have been thinking about recently.


  9. Easy said

    Your right. That was random. See your hand in the back… pray for dat too… About what to write, I don’t think you should post GCFL jokes. Duh, make up your own jokes! Or maybe you should post about those burners… ouch, ouch, ouch

  10. verda said

    I like to hear things about your life.

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