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Reno County Choral

Posted by thesinger on November 12, 2007

I just got home from a RCS Nine Lessons and Carols rehearsal which went better than it ever has before. One could comment here that it might be the fault of our “incredible” (at least in his own eyes) director that we have been progressing so slowly. I don’t know.

We actually had some good choral sound happening, at least part of the evening. We actually got 92.6% of our music (for a change), and we had fun perhaps 12% of the evening (which is a considerable amount more than average šŸ˜¦ ). So, yes, it is going to come together. Yes, it will be sortof fun to perform, and yes, all of my readers should come listen to the concert.

Should I say any more derogatory remarks about our conductor? No, let’s end on a positive note by saying that his gestures are very controlled, sophisticated, and easy to follow. While I may not appreciate some other things about him, I do appreciate his gestures.



5 Responses to “Reno County Choral”

  1. I would come to the concert if I could…

  2. thesinger said


  3. Easy said


  4. thesinger said

    *SIGH* It’s even painful to think about that too long.

  5. wildflowerdays said

    i would come if i could šŸ™‚

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