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Posted by thesinger on November 29, 2007

Yup, thesinger is gearing up to help perform 4 concerts in the next week. Two of them will be the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols and two of them will be with the Anonymous Somebodies. I am excited, yet the thought tires me. “With enough faith I can do anything” was and will be my motto for the next week. I need God’s strength and good health to be able to survive and enjoy the pressures of 4 concerts. 🙂

On the bright side of things, the Nine Lessons concert will be tops in terms of tone, sheer volume, and sound quality. It is a concert that you will not want to miss if possible. (Hutchinson, KS at the intersection of Poplar and Fifth. 8:00 PM on Friday, Nov. 29; 3:00 PM on Sunday, Dec. 2.)

The Anonymous Somebodies Concert that will be open to the public will be on Wed., Dec. 5 at Center Amish Church at 7:45 PM. Pray that it will be an energizing and worshipful experience. One big fear I have as a public performer/worship leader is that I will fail to communicate the message of Jesus. What tends to happen to me is that I am so concerned about perfection in music that “I” tend to be the message that is communicated. Pray that God would work in our hearts so that we would only be vessels, and not pretend to be the goodies inside the vessel.



5 Responses to “Concerts”

  1. Marvin said

    So where is the 2nd ASC concert or is that at an Anonymous Secret Church? 🙂 I am enjoying your Sonific music, btw. I assume you will be wearing face masks for the ASC concert or you will need to change your name after the first concert. Also when I was growing up on the farm, we had an ASC office in our County, the American Soil Conservation office, I believe. I hope you won’t run into any trouble using their initials – at least it’s not the FBI….

  2. thesinger said

    The second AS concert will be at a Christmas Banquet/Idon’tknowwhat that the Partridge Community Church is doing on Saturday. I think the purpose is to provide live entertainment? Not sure.

    And yeah, we have already given two concerts this year and we didn’t wear face masks for the second one. I seriously doubt that we care enough about our anonymity that we will wear face masks. 🙂 Such is Life.

  3. Karen said

    Hey, just curious, when is Friday, November 29? 🙂

  4. thesinger said

    It doesn’t exist. 🙂 Sorry for the goof.

  5. Marvin said

    C.S. Lewis was born on November 29th.

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